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On the eve of the 65th independence day of India and Pakistan, releasing the full text of the only complete Urdu translation of Maha-Bharat Kathan mala by Abdul Aziz Khalid.


Dedication of Maha Bharat Kathan mala

Dedication of Maha Bharat Kathan mala


Dedicated to that common history of India and Pakistan
Hidden in which is the communique of a new beginning

Hind-o-Pakistan ke uss mushtaraq maazi ke naam
jiss mein posheeda hai ik mustaqbil-e-no ka pyaam

Pages 1-25
Pages 26-50Pages 51-75
Pages 76-100
Pages 101-125
Pages 126-150
Pages 151-175
Pages 176-200
Pages 201-225
Pages 226-250
Pages 251-275
Maha Bharat Kathan Mala

Maha Bharat Kathan Mala by Abdul Aziz Khalid published digitally for academic and personal use only. Commercial use prohibited. All Rights Reserved with the author’s Foundation and respective publishers as applicable.

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